• The Aromatherapy Spa Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy Spa Essential Oil Diffuser

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The Best Ultrasonic Cold Mist Oil Diffuser There Is

The Cold-Mist Essential Oil Diffuser from Nature’s Own Essence

The Aromatherapy Spa Essential Oil Diffuser from Nature’s Own Essence is an ultrasonic oil diffuser that uses no heat or chemicals, only a mixture of oil & water. The ultrasonic element produce a powerful stream of healthy humidification. The unit allows you to select from a range of color-changing  light options that add an atmospheric element of ambience. Just a half-cup of tap water and a few drops of your fragrant essential oils of choice will enhance the mists as you see fit.

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Our New Cold-Mist Essential Oil Diffuser

As Nature’s Own Essence adds this high-quality, ultrasonic oil diffuser to their product line, they look to maintain their reputation as a provider of the highest-quality oils there are at the lowest possible prices you’ll find. The debut price of this product from Nature’s Own Essence will compete with all retailers of like products, and your purchase of this diffuser from Nature’s Own Essence’s website ( will include a free bottle of their top-selling product, a one-ounce bottle of lavender essential oil.

The diffuser’s aromatic output circulates through a medium-sized, well ventilated room quickly. In a more intimate setting, the diffuser’s cool and humid vapor releases strongly and centers well, providing maximum aromatherapy benefit. Safe, ultrasonic pulsations diffuse your favorite essential oil and create a soothing mist. Select from 4 lighting options: Pink only, Blue only, Color-alternating, and lights-out.

Get the Most Out of Your Essential Oil Collection

When using essential oils for aromatherapy, it’s important to choose a diffuser wisely. Not all methods of aromatic oil use are equal, and burners could be the worst possible way to use essential oils.

Oil burners work by setting a dish of some kind directly above a flame, which burns the oils and releases the aroma via a mix of the oil’s product and the heat’s radiation. This method damages the composition and elements within the oil, and changes how the most beneficial aromas disperse. Heat will dissipate the most volatile compounds first, while leaving heavier elements behind and changing the composition of the oil. In turn, this dramatically influences the oil, and often strips it of most of its aromatic therapeutic benefit.

Quality Oil Diffusers draw out the aromatic benefit of the essential oils as effectively as possible, often using methods like cold fusion and ultrasonic diffusion. An ultrasonic diffuser operates by atomizing water and essential oils when mixed together. This breaks up molecules within the oil less abruptly, and then distributes them via a slightly humidified mist-like vapor.

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