Many plants and other suitable sources are naturally extracted and achieved through the process of distillation. The produce after this process is what we know as essential oils. A popular characteristic of these potent oils is the aroma that it makes, that is why it is used for aromatherapy (alternative medicine that may improve health).

Why is using essential oils for household cleaning important?

Essential oils come from natural products like flowers, bark, stems and other plant parts, making them a healthier alternative. Unlike commercial cleaning products that contain chemicals, essential oils are safer and provide a cleaner effect through better aroma, are not irritating and also provide the sense of homey comfort and relaxation.

How does using essential oils for household cleaning affect the home?

The natural freshness produced by essential oils not only helps clean the house but also creates the atmosphere of a welcoming home. Essential oils are also more affordable and effective in cleaning and disinfecting the household. Mixtures in proper combinations work best even with just a few drops of application.

Where will using essential oils for household cleaning be more effective?

There are many parts of the home that need to be addressed when it comes to cleanliness. Below are just some areas of the household that can be greatly improved through using essential oils.

The carpet. Lemon essence is a notable essential oil that helps to disinfect and clean most carpeted homes. Drops of it applied and soaked through a vacuum cleaner unit will not only keep the home refreshed but will also improve the dusty by product and smell after vacuuming.

The kitchen. Lavender oils are brilliant additions to the usual dish washing agents found in the market. It leaves a notable sweet and flowery scent and contributes to a cleaner and well disinfected kitchen counter and sink. Just a few drops of lavender oil with some water and liquid soap, and cleaning is good to go.

The bathroom. Pine oil is also a contributing essence that can assist in disinfecting the bathroom. A spray bottle filled with soap and water plus a few drops of pine oil will be the most efficient mixture that helps fight mildew and mold formations in the bathroom. Spray onto the sink, bath tub, tiles and even the toilet bowl and enjoy a refreshingly clean bathroom.

When using essential oils for household cleaning, there is much more appreciation for products that are naturally produced. It also result in cleanliness, disinfection, wellness and care of the entire household.