Posted on by Matthew Balzer

The richness and potency of Argan oil has set it apart from other essential oils and with a nickname referred to as "liquid gold" there is certainly a definitive characteristic to this essential oil that makes it more exceptional than the others.

Developed mostly in the southwest of Morocco from the nuts found in Argan trees, Argan essential oil is largely looked upon as a very helpful ingredient that improves and develops many different products that promote beauty and wellness, and with the tedious process of producing this nut oil it is no surprise that it is able to aid in a lot of different conditions in the body.

Develop the Face to be Envied

Spectacular to use on the face to help keep the sensitive layers of the skin well moisturized, Argan oil is an excellent substance that can be easily absorbed onto the surface of the skin and helps to maintain its natural moisture.

Aside from being a very useful moisturiser Argan oil mixed with other essential oils can work as a great toner that helps to cleanse and clear out dirt and other foreign substances that develop on the face, you can also leave it on as part of a facial mask to help rejuvenate and keep the skin looking young and vibrant.

Exfoliating and Rebuilding the Skin

Another important task that Argan oil is able to provide in terms of making an overall impact as part of many beauty products is the fact that it can help to get rid of old skin cells through exfoliating the surface of the skin to reveal a healthier glow.

It is also a good for other parts of the body like the lips, hands and feet, turning the skin in these areas smoother and well moisturised upon regular use.

Turning Hair Smooth and Free Flowing

Not only does Argan oil help to improve the health and wellness of skin but it also is able to work through the hair to keep it well moisturised and free from damage.

Applying a small amount of Argan oil directly to the scalp, onto the hair strands and up to the tips of the hair turns any dryness or damage and turns it back to its healthy smoothness and better condition.

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