Posted on by Matthew Balzer

Getting through the holiday rush takes a lot of energy and patience especially when it comes to dealing with the freezing cold which often leaves people with a few health concerns that need to be addressed, after all no one would want to spend the holidays feeling under the weather and uneasy.

Fortunately through the help of nature the holiday season can be a wonderfully healthy and joyous occasion with different essential oils that address some of the most common holiday health issues to turn the festivities and celebrations back on track.

Better Sleep with Lavender Essential Oil

Admit it or not the stress of too much preparations during the holidays can be bring a lot of fatigue but despite this many spend sleepless nights fussing over decorations, gifts and which parties to go to, and as one thing leads to another insomnia kicks in often resulting to other signs and symptoms of stress.

When this happens know that lavender essential oil can help to fight stress and all the other conditions that come with it like insomnia and fatigue, using a few drops on sheets or even through direct inhalation will give the body the help that it deserves as the potent particles are absorbed.

Seek Pain Relief with Frankincense Essential Oil

The cool weather and snow may seem to be a wonderful feeling for most but those who suffer from arthritis and other body aches like joint pain and injuries may doubly feel the painful sensations triggered by the freezing cold.

Thankfully frankincense essential oil helps to relieve the pain felt from these different painful conditions through direct application on the affected area and even lightly massaging the potent solution, as the skin absorbs the oil it directly works to provide relief and decrease the painful feeling.

Take Care of Skin and Hair with Argan Essential Oil

Dry and dull skin and hair is common during the winter and holiday season, it typically cannot be helped, but there is a quick and easily solution that helps to fight this uneasy feeling of unhealthy skin and hair.

Taking a few drops of argan essential oil and applying it on the skin and massaging it to the scalp and hair will surely improve and moisturize the skin and hair plus it is very easily absorbed into the body.

So be in control and get the well deserved health and wellness during the holidays through using these essential oils to achieve the natural alternative.