Posted on by Matthew Balzer

They say, "the best things come in small packages" and indeed this is what the new 1 ounce Nature's Own Essence bottles have come to send out to all the essential oils enthusiasts as all products are now available in smaller yet still very effective and potent oil variants. So whether you are looking for rosemary, lavender or peppermint, you are sure to be able to order any of your favorite oils in a smaller packaging but still with the best natural ingredients that helps to prevent stress and fights other health hazards.

It is this convenience and accessibility that Nature's Own Essence has managed to come up with that makes me very happy and content especially since I enjoy bringing my essential oils with me whenever I go because I never really known when I need them handy.

Like that one instance when I was glad to have had my bottle of lavender with me during a very long trip out of town that left me lacking some snooze time. It took just a few drops of my lavender essential oil and the sweet smelling aroma got me back in dreamland for a better night's sleep.

Or another instance where I had to turn to my peppermint essential oil for some help because I really felt dizzy to the point of nausea and vomiting. I took a few drops and applied to some portions of my skin and luckily everything went back to normal like nothing happened.

I also enjoy having my rosemary oil with me when I go out for a trip because it is always such a convenient way for me to relieve myself from all the pain and soreness that I feel in my muscles. I would usually take a few drops on my hands and massage it onto the muscles that really hurt and in pain and luckily it always manages to relieve me from pain the very next day.

As an avid user of a lot of different essential oils it is important that I get the rightful dose of my favorite natural quick fixes at the palm of my hand. This is why I love just how Nature's Own Essence has finally come up with their 1 ounce bottles because it is much more handy and easier to bring around especially when you like to travel like I do.

Best about this is I will get to share my love for essential oils to all of my friends as this new Nature's Own Essence miniature packaging and bottle is a lot easier to gift and sample to family and friends who are just starting out their love and interest for essential oils. So do not look any further get yours now!