Posted on by Matthew Balzer

Since I was young I have always been very conscious about how my skin looks especially since I suffered the bad case of acne very early in my teen years. I always found it embarrassing to be seen in public and it was doubly hard when I was at school.

It was a great thing that my mother was able to help me with my skin problems through different oils and one of my favorite ones to use is called jojoba oil. It only took a few drops of this carrier oil mixed with some of the essential oil I am very fond of like lavender and rosemary then applying this mixture onto the surface of my skin and it worked wonders on getting rid of my acne.

Now that I am a bit older I managed to enjoy using essential oils as much as my mother and one of the best brands that I have ever used is Nature's Own Essence and it is amazing to know that they now have my favorite – jojoba oil. Getting a bottle of their new product brought me back during the time when I was struggling with my skin condition and now I still use it for my other skin troubles

Recently I was able to use jojoba oil mixed with my favorite essential oils and applied it on my skin for a few burns that I got while I was frying some chicken. I thought to myself if it was able to cure my acne when I was younger, I am sure that it will help to manage my cooking burns.

Low and behold the day after the burns on my hands and arms were already starting to dry out and clear out unlike when all I use is ice or running water on my burns. Jojoba oil works amazingly to help my favorite essential oils to cure my burns in no time and all I needed to use was just a few drops onto the affected area.

Beside my burns I have also been able to use my jojoba oil mix onto a few of my wounds and it was also surprisingly very effective in healing my wounds. I attest to this new product from Nature's Own Essence and advice those who are very keen with skin care and want quick relief from different skin conditions to give jojoba essential oil blends a try.

Personally I love this new product from Nature's Own Essence because it really works. So for those of you who want to heal burns and wounds faster as well as get rid of acne, give the all new jojoba oil and its essential oil mixtures a try and trust me you will be surprised with the results.