Posted on by Matthew Balzer

My skin has always been a top priority for me especially since there are just so many factors that manage to affect it as I age. And for so many years I did my best to look for products that would help in keeping my skin young looking and radiant after all it is such an important thing for us women to look good day in and day out.

With so many products out there in the market it seems so confusing at times to just decide which ones to use and although I have a few favorites that I love to use often I have learned that as I grow older some of the ingredients have not really become that efficient for my skin. Some creams and oils I have been used to somehow turned too greasy and impractical so I took the liberty to seek other possible skin care products that would work better.

A friend of mine recommended the newest product from popular essential oils brand Nature's Own Essence and just a week after using their sweet almond oil my skin already feels like how I remember it to be when I was younger. I used just a few drops of this popular carrier oil with some of my favorite essential oils like frankincense, lavender and myrrh, onto my skin and the aroma really gave me that sense of freshness and that new found feeling of comfort and ease.

It is just so amazing to know that with each bottle of sweet almond oil I get to have a lot of benefits especially when it works with essential oils that are often contained in different skin care products – it is just such a practical and budget friendly product if you ask me. Imagine having a rich source of different vitamins and minerals all rolled into one magic mixture and that is how amazing sweet almond oil works with essential oils for the best skin care.

One of the best things that I like when I use sweet almond oil is the fact that it does not just keep the skin on my face look exceptional but it also helps to moisturize all of the skin in my entire body without hindering the aroma when blended with essential oils. I use a few drops of any sweet almond mixture and apply it on my dry feet and hands and in just a couple of days it turns nice, smooth and supple.

I have nothing but great words and praises for Nature's Own Essence and its sweet almond carrier oil. I hope you get the chance to use it like I did so you can get to see how truly amazing it is in turning your skin to the youthful glow and silky smoothness that you have always wanted – so go ahead and try it now!