Posted on by Matthew Balzer

As a popular herb rosemary helps to make a lot of dishes taste good, like chicken, beef and pork. Rosemary is also used for soups and vegetable dishes making it an herb that is really found in almost all kitchens.

Yet aside from making a lot of food tasty and delicious, rosemary is also considered as a potent substance especially in its essential oil form. There are many medical uses for rosemary and because of this reason it is considered as a good aid in health.

Let us see some of the best uses of rosemary and how it helps to keep the body in better health.

Aid to blood. Studies have shown that rosemary essential oils are very helpful in making the blood circulation in the body become well regulated. It is this factor that makes a lot of women turn to rosemary to help and improve their regular menstrual cycle.

Aid to hair. Those who suffer from hair loss and baldness can count on rosemary to help prevent any further damage of the locks. When used topically and massaged on the scalp, improvements on the hair follicles can be observed - hair growth is increased and falling hair is reduced.

Aid to pain. When muscle and joint pain is experienced, rosemary can help to alleviate the sensation. Applying rosemary on the affected area provides a natural pain relief without any side effects unlike usual pain medication that causes drowsiness and sleepiness.

Aid in repelling insects. It is unsafe to stay outdoors and not be able to apply any form of insect repellent to protect yourself from diseases caused by insect bites. Rosemary is a good essential oil to use as an insect repellent.

Aid in healing. Whether wounds or tooth aches, rosemary is the perfect essential oil to help in repairing the skin tissue. The healing process is further improved when rosemary is applied in the affected area, it mellows down the pain and speeds up the formation of new tissues.

Aid in digestion. Problems with the digestive system like loss of appetite, flatulence and even heart burn are easily remedied with the use of rosemary essential oils. Even the liver and gall bladder also benefit from rosemary essence.

Rosemary is such a multi-purpose essential oil because aside from the list above it is also known to aid in cough, high blood pressure, head aches gout and memory loss.