Posted on by Matthew Balzer

Essential oils are characterized as pure substances that are derived from processing plants and peppermint is one of them. Commonly found in many oral solutions like tooth paste, mouth wash and breathe fresheners, peppermint has been found to have a lot more uses over the years.

The presence of menthol in peppermint turns it into that refreshing, clean and minty substance and it also makes it become a body relaxing, recharging and replenishing oil treatment. Many avid exercise enthusiasts and even professional athletes will truly appreciate the amazing effects of peppermint especially after a high impact activity.

Peppermint the Analgesic

A favorite characteristic of people who love to exercise, join sports and other physical activities, peppermint can act as an analgesic or pain reliever. Everyone appreciates having that chance to alleviate the pain they are feeling, especially for tired and over worked muscles.

Instead of drinking analgesic medication that some times keep you drowsy or lathering with very pungent smelling ointments and creams, use a small amount peppermint essential oil onto tired and aching muscles and see its natural analgesic power come to life.

Peppermint the Anti-inflammatory

Those who often build on a workout or training regimen that causes them to really push themselves to the limit are very well aware of the soreness and inflammation that they may experience within their muscles and joints. This is where the anti-inflammatory characteristic of peppermint essential oils kick in.

A small amount of peppermint oil is assured to help alleviate the soreness of the muscles and joints. Applying some oil to the skin is very safe because it is made of all natural ingredients unlike other products in the market that are artificial.

Peppermint the Anti-spasmodic

Like pain and inflammation, it is also a common occurrence for exercise enthusiasts and athletes to experience muscle spasms or cramps especially during days where they exert a lot of physical effort. An ample solution to aid them when crams and spasms happen is a dose of peppermint oil.

Through a small amount of peppermint essence the muscles are not only alleviated from pain and inflammation, the spasms and cramps that usually go along with these are also resolved through this natural plant product.

So do not be afraid to keep up with the pack and exercise all you want as long as you have a bottle of peppermint oil with you, a sure solution for all the muscle aches and pains.