5 Common Methods on How to Use Essential Oils

The value of essential oils over the years has increased especially because of how much it is used for aromatherapy. Many of the essential oils that help improve body functions through aromatherapy are also solutions that are used for common ailments like colds and flu, plus muscles soreness.

Though these essential oils are very effective and potent, many of us are not fully aware of how to use these high quality products. Below are a few commonly practiced procedures on how to use essential oils for sore muscles, common colds and the dreaded flu.

1. Use essential oils in a bath. Prepare a tub of warm water and add about 5 to 10 drops of oils straight onto the water. Another way is to add the oils to some milk, honey or cream and then add onto the water. Make sure to mix through the water for a better effect.

2. Use essential oils in a warm compress. When muscles and joints act up in pain and soreness, prepare a bowl of warm water and add about 4 to 7 drops onto it. Take a towel or cloth and dip into the well mixed water and essential oils solution. Wring the excess fluid and apply directly to affected area.

3. Use essential oils in a relaxing jacuzzi. Easily prepare and start up a relaxing jacuzzi by adding 3 drops of essential oils for every person. This is applicable every 30 minutes soaked into the jacuzzi, drop in some more oils if usage turns out to be more than just 30 minutes.

4. Use essential oils after a shower. Right after taking a shower put about 5 to 7 drops of oils onto a wash cloth and make sure it is damp. Quickly rub all over your body and wait until dry.

5. Use essential oils as a spray. The face needs around 8 to 10 drops while the entire body needs 30 to 50 drops of oils mixed with 2 to 3 times of alcohol before adding onto a bottle of water. Mix and shake thoroughly and readily use as needed.

There are other ways that essential oils can be used to improve how the body functions and relieve any type of pain and discomfort. Make sure to purchase essential oils that are high in quality and that come from well credited sources, so you are assured of an effective essential oil experience.

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