Posted on by Matthew Balzer

Deemed to be the most valued tree resin since long ago, Olibanum or more commonly known as Frankincense, has been a contributing substance used for many different purposes. It has seen importance for medicine and spiritual practices, plus, it is also preferred for its aroma and presence in cosmetics - truly a beneficial plant product.

Frankincense also adds up to value because of its representation in the Bible as one of the gifts from the Three Kings and presented to the baby Jesus together with gold and myrrh. This is a definite testament as to how valuable Frankincense is and how preferred it was in the olden times by people with prestige and power.

These days frankincense still holds its true value as an essential oil used for aromatherapy and even more. Here we list down some of the benefits and uses that comes with proper use of frankincense.

Improves Respiration. Though the popularity of frankincense involves a lot of spiritual and fragrance contributions, it is also characterized by its ability to help in better respiration. This is because of the fact that frankincense acts like an expectorant, a substance that is mostly found in respiration and cough medications, addressing many breathing and respiratory issues.

Improves Surroundings. The real value of frankincense lies in its clean, fresh and sweet fragrance that turns any room filled with a satisfying and pleasant aroma. It is valued as a natural air freshener that does not irritate and is potent enough to last for longer creating a surrounding that is tranquil and peaceful.

Improves Mood and Attitude. The smell of frankincense not only provides wonderful fragrance but it also helps to create an environment that is relaxed and calm. This aspect of frankincense proves that it is also of value as a substance that turns attitude and mood better, improving health and general well being and making it positive.

Improves Skin. There is a fair reason why frankincense is valued as a great ingredient for cosmetics, it is because it contributes to healing the skin and gets it back to its better condition. Frankincense is proven as a perfect solution for scars as well as stretch marks.

The improvements that come from using frankincense essential oils is what makes it a valuable modern solution to different conditions. Despite years that have passed it is clear to see that frankincense still holds its true value and will do so for years to come.