Posted on by Matthew Balzer

As soon as essential oils are mentioned, lavender is, and will always be one of the few essences that will come up, which leaves many to think as to what constitutes this essential oil that it just seems to be the most popular among the others. Fragrance is readily one of the characteristics that many would attest to and consider as a good reason why lavender has become so popular.

There are just so many reasons why lavender has become so popular especially since because it has a lot of characteristics aside from its smell that has launched it to fame. This floral essence has come far from just being a sweet smell in an aromatherapy room, it also has other amazing features that really cater to a lot of different treatments.

Lavender the Bacteria Fighter

Again, there is more to lavender than the smell it provides and true enough, it works as one of the most potent anti-bacteria agents that can be found in the market. This natural essence is a must have in every first aid kit because of its natural ability to fight bacteria. It is said to heal burns, scratches and wounds faster and best of all, prevents the accumulation and formation of scars. Recovery is also deemed much faster when lavender essential oils are applied topically on a regular basis.

Lavender the Relaxant

At this day and age many individuals suffer from too much stress which lead many to lack of sleep, tension and other stress related ailments. Having a bottle of lavender essence is one of the best solutions that help fight stress, insomnia and other diseases because of the relaxing factor that is contained in lavender essential oils. It contributes to a very relaxing experience and the aroma that it leaves conforms to a sense of peace and tranquility.

Lavender the Pain Killer

Mention lavender essential oils and it seems to be a bit impossible to see it as a good substance to fight pain especially because of how sweet and calming it is deemed to be, but proof has been made that lavender oils are excellent when it comes to alleviating pain. It is said to be a perfect solution to headaches, for bruises and sprains and even for all types of soreness. Lavender essence acts rightfully to counteract pain reception in the body and provide relief once applied to the affected area.