Posted on by Matthew Balzer

One of the most sensitive parts of our body has got to be our skin and at times it even extends to our hair and scalp, because of this it is often very difficult to find the right kind of products that would really cater to our skin. At times even hypo-allergenic skin care products to not cut it when it comes to dealing with very sensitive types of skin.

Thankfully there have been studies and observations that have led in the discovery of essential oils as excellent sources of natural skin care. It is exceptional to use essential oils for better hair, scalp and skin because these naturally produced and processed concoctions do trigger many skin problems and are able to treat them especially when used in the right amounts.

Tea Tree Oil

In its pure form tea tree oil has been proven many times over to to help in the treatment of pimples and other blemishes on skin especially on the face. This natural acne solution gradually works through the skin healing scars due to acne.

Over time it also prevents the increase of pimple growth especially when used topically and in minute amounts directed onto the affected areas. Amidst the natural formulation of most tea tree oils, be wary of buying brands that have it in combination or is diluted onto other oils and substances as these may cause different reactions of the skin.

Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Often seen in most kitchens and used for cooking, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are also very useful when it comes to hair and scalp care. Both are known to have moisturising effects and are often applied directly to the hair and massaged onto the scalp.

These two are also very good oils to use on the skin and to help moisture and keep it smooth and silky. And what makes coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil a tad more useful is the fact that these may also be used in conjunction with other essential oils for better and more efficient use.

Lavender Oil

Not just known for its sweet and fragrant smell, lavender oil is very useful to keep the skin well nourished and help it become healthier. With its lovely aroma it also serves to work and leave a perfume-like factor onto the skin.

Like other essential oils you only need to apply lavender in small amounts and it will already work its best onto your skin to keep it in better condition.