How Perfect Essential Oils are for Hair Care

How many times have you gone to the drug store to find that your trusted shampoo and conditioner brand are not in stock? Have you experienced switching to other brands you are unfamiliar with but had adverse effects on your scalp and damaged your hair? These are just but a few hair issues that many of us deal with and it is very comforting to know that essential oils happen to be very effective when it comes to hair care, and just how effective are they you ask, here are just a few explanations.

Essential Oils Provide Fragrance

Like many other popular shampoo and hair products, essential oils are able to elicit the aroma that we always look for when it comes to hair products. There just seems to be that overall refreshing and relaxing feeling when you bath and use a well fragranced shampoo or conditioner, and you can get the same wonderful effect when you use essential oils on a regular.

Essential Oils Fight Bacteria and Fungi

Some famous hair products boast of their anti-fungal and anti dandruff effects to the scalp that in turn return the glorious condition of hair, luckily essential oils also have a similar characteristic, it is able to fight the formation of bacteria as well as fight fungi. Tee tree oil, basil, rosemary and many other essential oils work freely to get rid of fungal formation and prevent bacteria from forming and developing even in hair and scalp.

Essential Oils Waken Up the Senses

It is not just the sense of smell that makes essential oils a great addition to most hair products. It is also the sensation of feeling that makes it an exciting ingredient to use for hair, especially peppermint that provides a soothing and fresh tingly feeling when you apply it on the scalp. Essential oils that work the hair and scalp this way is able to provide the needed stimulation as well for better hair growth and health.

Essential Oils Aids in Hair Growth

Some notable essential oils like lavender and rosemary are said to contribute to help hair grow again and these are often seen on individuals who suffer from hair loss. The natural ingredients to these essential oils and many others are a great way to stimulate the hair follicles and help the scalp in keeping hair to grow to be healthier and stronger even when the usual hair products are unavailable.

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