Posted on by Matthew Balzer

Lavender, or Lavendula, is a herbal plant that became popular because of its unique scent. It can be easily identified based on its appearance and scent. The aromatic extract of this beautiful plant is used as essential oil for aromatherapy and massage use. But apart from being extracted as oil, there are several other popular uses of lavender in the industry.

Lavender as Herbal Tea

Believe it or not, but despite its wonderful smell, lavender can be used to make a herbal tea. The tea is made by extracting dried leaves of the plant and boiling it in hot water. Just like any other tea, the Lavender tea is basically tasteless, so you can add honey, sugar, or milk into the tea. This is an effective drink for those who love to relax, especially when you’ve been through a busy day.

Lavender for Better Sleep

The dried leaves of the lavender plant sure works wonders for the human body. It has been found to relieve stress and help a person get better sleep. Sometimes, insomnia strikes and you just can’t get the right sleeping position. When this happens, all you have to do is put the dried lavender leaves in your pillowcase or sleep mask. This will help you feel calmer and before you know it, you’ll get the shuteye.

Soothe Your Sunburn with Lavender

Sunburn is probably the only reason why a person would hate to go to the beach. This happens when you don’t apply sun block and stay under the sun for several hours. Dried lavender leaves can soothe the pain of sunburn. Once brewed, take the boiled extract and let it cool. After it has cooled, you can apply it on your skin like oil or spray it from a bottle.

Lavender as an Air Freshener

Due to its pleasant aroma, lavender can also be an effective air freshener. All you need to do is simmer the dried leaves of lavender and add a few citrus peels, or other herbs of your preference. Using this method, you can create your own natural air freshener. No need to buy artificial air fresheners that might have harmful chemicals.

Lavender as an Insect Repellent

Do you experience being bitten by bugs whenever you are outside? There are a lot of commercial insect repellents but some of these can be harmful to the health and even damage our skin. Lavender is a natural substitute for these chemical insect repellents. Crushed lavender leaves can be spread all over your body just like cream or lotion. It’s natural, safe, and home-made. What other uses for lavender do you know? Comment below!