Posted on by Matthew Balzer

Nothing best describes frankincense better than what it has been popularly known to be, one of the precious gifts of Jesus Christ during His birth as presented by one of the Three Kings, and from this Bible story the awesome value contained from this naturally created substance has since been considered at a high significance.

But there is a lot more to frankincense than what most people pass it to be especially as a religious tool that promotes inner peace, tranquility and a deeper attachment to beliefs and principles, the value of frankincense also extends to many of the health and wellness concerns that trouble a lot of individuals these days.

A Healing Substance

Diffusion and smelling the unique aroma that comes from frankincense is known all over the world but it works well enough in its form to be used topically and directly applied to the skin to improve the healing process.

Whether wounds, cuts, scraps, burns and even rashes, a good amount of frankincense essential oil applied onto the affected areas will help aid in the continuous healing process and as used in appropriate amounts and on a regular helps to cure these injuries.

Skin Rejuvenation

Aside from being a useful healing agent, frankincense has also been observed to help improve the skin in terms of better health and wellness as it contributes to keeping the skin cells rejuvenated and well moisturized.

Turning to beauty products can be a bit doubtful especially with the different chemicals that are contained in it and through using the help of frankincense essential oil specifically for healthier skin there will be lesser concerns for safety and skin health as it is naturally produced and sourced.

Reducing Pain

Coinciding with commercial products that promote skin care, the degree of dependence to pain relief products from the market are also on the rise and as such it is a good alternative to look into frankincense essential oil as a means of addressing different painful areas of the body.

Research and observations that have been obtained through the years have indicated the ability of frankincense to be added to other essential oils and to increase this new formulation in terms of fighting off the sensation of pain.

Specifically related to frankincense pain relief are sore joints and arthritis which are some of the most common conditions that need to be addressed the safer and more natural way through the use of frankincense.