Posted on by Matthew Balzer

The word “frankincense” became popular because of the fact that it was one of the gifts that the Three Wise Men gave to Jesus when he was born. But very few people really understand what frankincense is, what it is used for, and why it was deemed valuable at that time to match the value of gold.

The etymology of this term is coined from the French phrase “franc encens” which literally means “high quality incense”. Indeed, it is high in quality because of the wonderful scent it emits as well as the health benefits it has stored in its sticky composition.

The health benefits of frankincense are solely achieved from its scent, most traditional writings say. Old wives’ tales and ancient practices show that the aroma of this resin is where its value comes from. The resin is extracted from the bark of the Boswellia tree, which comes in a variety of species. The most common Boswellia tree from which frankincense is extracted is Boswellia sacra.

The resin can be extracted by slashing the bark of the Boswellia tree, much like letting blood drain from a slashed animal. Once the resin bleeds out, it hardens and turns into “tears”. The actual resin is valued based on its appearance. The clearer the hardened resin is and the larger its size, the more value it has. High end frankincense resin can only be attained from Oman, where it is mostly purchased by the Sultan.

Frankincense Oil

In order to extract the beautiful scent of the resin, it is turned into an essential oil. This is done through the process of steam distillation. Frankincense oil is very fragrant oil which is used for aromatherapy. It is not edible but it is easily used on diffusers and humidifiers. It has a lot of the same properties that the actual resin has. In fact, it is used for a variety of health purposes such as reducing stress and discomfort, relieving pain, treating injuries and inflammation, and disinfecting wounds.

There are also a lot of other uses of frankincense oil, whether used as a topical solution or as an aromatherapy scent. But the real value of this essential oil lies in its rarity. Today, the Boswellia trees are becoming endangered because of various natural forces that have caused them to diminish in number, along with the continuous extraction of resin. The production of frankincense is currently being controlled in its native areas of Somalia and Oman, which is why it can be very difficult to find high quality frankincense oil in the Western regions.

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