Posted on by Matthew Balzer

The popularity of essential oil use these days has growth in number and since many more enthusiasts have become so accustomed to these natural products it is but wise to reveal more details about these naturally produced healthy solutions to see just how much information about these are true and which ones are not really what is expected.

Myth: The best essential oils are the "first pressed" kind.

Fact: Plant sources are only processed once.

Contrary to reports and claims that there are essential oils that are "first pressed" and once that have been second and third pressed, the truth of the matter is that most plant sources and parts that are pressed and processed, whether by large or small essential oil companies, come out to extract all the needed oils once. So always find it necessary to reconsider other options before purchasing an essential oil that is labeled "first pressed" as this is a very misleading claim.

Myth: It is the fragrance that makes an essential oil.

Fact: Most essential oils do have fragrance but not all fragrances are essential oils.

Quite often there are confusing labels on different types of oils that can be seen on the market with several distinctions that may indicate aromatherapy fragrance oils or aromatic therapy oils and other similarly coined labels. Truthfully though fragrance is a big characteristic to most essential oils and each have their own unique scent but it does not automatically mean that when an oil smells spectacular it is already an essential oil – always refer to the store personnel or visit an actual essential oil shop to be sure to get the real deal.

Myth: Essential oils last forever.

Fact: Essential oils last between 5 to 10 years.

Although essential oils are naturally processed and are very potent that the benefits and efficiency lasts for a lengthened amount of time compared to other health solutions, due to exposure to other elements each time a bottle is opened, the length of effectiveness for each may last from between 5 to 10 years and not really forever.

Myth: Only one company supplies the best essential oils.

Fact: There are several reliable essential oil companies.

One company may believe to be the best from the rest but if it is purity and quality that you seek make it a habit to select essential oil companies or stores sources that are near areas known for the actual plant sources, also consider researching to see customer and product reviews of the best essential oils.