Argan Oil and Its Origins

Argan oil is a plant-based oil which could be extracted from fruit of Argan tree, a plant that grows in semi-arid lands. The Argan tree is indigenous to the Moroccan region. Its deep roots help prevent erosion, and help preserve the desert lands of Morocco.

The tree is also helpful to animals, as they find food from its fruits and leaves. Through the years, the extraction of Argan oil from the fruits of the tree has helped preserve the species because it gives the government a reason not to cut down these trees.

Argan Oil as Beauty Product

Argan oil can be used in different ways, but there are people from Moroco who have included the use of Argan oil in their daily lives. The oil, which could be extracted from the kernel of the Argan tree, is popularly used as an ingredient in many beauty products or even as a beauty product in itself. Because it is considered as dry oil, Argan oil could be used as a moisturizer. According to the people of Moroco, Argan oil could be absorbed by the skin quickly.

Being a moisturizer isn’t the only use of Argan oil when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. Argan oil could also serve as a body and bath oil. The body quickly absorbs the oil because it is dry, but it is not greasy on the skin which a lot of people like about it. It could be applied before and after taking a bath even on babies.

One good thing about Argan oil is that it could be used by anyone of any age. It is not only safe for babies and young women. It could also be used by mothers because the oil prevents the formation of stretch marks on pregnant bellies.

Argan Oil as Culinary Product

A nutritional intervention study was conducted around 2005 where volunteers were given both animal fats and argan oil. The results were released and it showed that the regular intake of Argan oil could reduce the cholesterol levels of a person despite the intake of fatty foods. Due to this, several chefs around the world have considered the usage of Argan oil in their cooking.

One familiar product where Argan oil is used as an ingredient is the Amlou. It is produced by grinding roasted almonds and Argan oil with the use of stones, and mixing it with honey. This dip is often used for bread dipping. Argan oil is also an effective dressing for salads as according to Argan oil users from Morocco.

Nature’s Own Essence Argan Oil

We at Nature’s Own Essence offer the purest and most delicate argan oil directly shipped from the lands of Morocco. However, our preparation does not allow it to be used as a culinary additive. It is strongly suggested for external use only. Nature’s Own Essence Argan Oil is a very effective moisturizer, hair and skin care solution, and can also be used on serious skin problems like sun burn, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. If you’re looking for the purest argan oil, we’ve got it stored just for you. Check it out!

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