Posted on by Matthew Balzer

Spring is here and it's wonderful! The blooming flowers, the bright sunshine, and the soft wind that touches our skin are all things worth celebrating. But of course, when spring arrives, we also go back to our regular lifestyles -- busy work and businesses.

This spring, how do you plan on using essential oils? Will you be using them just like how you do every time of the year? Or are there special cases for this season? We've compiled a list of ways on how essential oils can help you during spring. Check it out and let us know if we missed anything!

At Home

1. Fill a diffuser with water and add 5-8 drops of peppermint essential oil. Let it fill your living room with an energetic, minty scent. This will keep you feeling lively and enthusiastic all day long.

2. Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil in your bath water before going to bed. This relaxing bath will give you a good night's sleep after a long day at work.

3. To make your home a spring haven, fill your living room and bedroom with the scent of rosemary oil. You can use a candle diffuser or electric one depending on your preference. Reed diffusers are ideal to use in the patio, garden, and even in the bathroom. For a more blooming ambiance, you can also decorate your garden and interiors with potted rosemary herbs.

4. If you want to give your home a floral atmosphere, run your electric diffuser with lavender oil in the living room and bedroom. It will smell like a bunch of lavender blossoms!

5. Fill your bedroom with the scent of frankincense essential oil to achieve tranquility and relaxation when you feel overwhelmed with work.

During Travel and Vacation

6. When traveling, apply peppermint oil on your abdomen and under the nose. This oil is proven to help relieve motion sickness.

7. After a long flight, rub your temples and wrists with peppermint oil. It helps relieve jet lag.

8. When in a hotel and you're unable to sleep because of jet lag or home sickness, a few drops of lavender oil on your pillows will help promote better sleep.

9. In case you get injured during a vacation (cramps during swimming, scratches and bruises during hiking), apply frankincense oil on the affected area.

10. If your muscles feel fatigued because of excessive activities such as hiking, swimming, walking, and partying, massage the affected areas with frankincense oil.

At Work/School

11. When you're having headaches or migraines because of excessive work, apply frankincense oil on your temples and wrists.

12. To keep your concentration levels up at work or school, sniff rosemary oil every once in a while. It will also improve your memory.

13. If you feel sleepy or bored, just sniff peppermint oil and you'll surely feel livelier!

14. When working long hours or overtime, keep a vial of peppermint oil and sniff it every once in a while. It will help you work better and prevent sleepiness.

15. When you're feeling stressed or pressured at work, just massage your temples with frankincense oil. It will keep you relaxed and composed.

For the Family

16. If you have a baby or toddler who is getting agitated with different spring activities (travel, vacations, change of weather), just apply a couple of drops of lavender oil on the baby's tummy and massage it gently. 17. If your baby has colic, peppermint oil will help relieve the pain and allow gas to release successfully. 18. Put a reed diffuser with lavender oil in each of your bedrooms to give your home a nice, blossoming smell. This will also promote peace and tranquility in the home. 19. If your kids are feeling bored or unhappy, massage their wrists and temples with peppermint oil. This will increase their mood. 20. To make your family activities more lively, give everyone a whiff of peppermint oil. The energetic scent will keep your entire family active and ready to participate.  

Do you have other ideas on how to use essential oils during spring? Let us know by leaving a reply!

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