The Peppermint Solution

Easily one of the favorite essential oils available in the market is peppermint. Known for its very refreshing, cool and sweet smelling aroma there is definitely more to peppermint than keeping our breath clean and fresh.

It is common knowledge that peppermint comes from a plant that has menthol, making it a very potent ingredient to place into many medicines as well as other substances that can be easily smelled, lathered and even ingested.

Technology has given many essential oils, like the peppermint, a quicker chance to be distributed and created to benefit many people who need it - so aside from keeping our breathe feeling and smelling fresh, here are more peppermint solutions to some of our common needs.

Ants in the House

We assume that some homes are sweeter than the others but even it that is the case no one wants a house filled with ants. If you are one of those sweet homes that is just so tired of getting rid of too many ants, try some peppermint. Take a cotton ball that has some peppermint essence and leave it onto the ant tracks, and watch as they all go head on out of there, plus turn your home into a sweet smelling aroma.

Bug and Insect Bites

Whether we spend most of our time indoors or outdoors, it is inevitable that we encounter and deal with bugs and insects and how stingy and itchy they bite. Through the right combination of the essential oils of lavender and peppermint, be assured of the feeling of relief from any bug and insect bite. It will immediately work on the itch acting very similar to other menthol solutions that you purchase in a drug store, and best of all it is all natural.

Dandruff and Scalp Itching

If you suffer from an itchy scalp and are prone to dandruff, an instant peppermint solution for you is to combine a few drops onto your shampoo. This way when you get to wash your hair, your scalp will be soothed of the itchy feeling and the peppermint will also work its way to reduce the dandruff formation. This is an awesome and natural alternative to many anti-dandruff commercial shampoos.

These are only a few peppermint solutions and there are definitely more. So take the time now to purchase some peppermint essential oils so you can see first hand how amazing it works for your home and for many other common needs.

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