Treat Your Hair Right with Essential Oils

Hair is often dubbed with the phrase "crowning glory" and this is especially true for many women. A lot are even so into growing their hair in certain lengths just so that they feel wonderful and beautiful.

There a lot of hair products out there that contribute to making the hair grow healthy, long and strong. Often products in the market are filled with different ingredients but not all of these are right to use on hair especially if the scalp and skin are very sensitive to chemicals and additives.

Essential Oils on Hair

The natural properties of many essential oils make them safe to use on the hair and scalp. A lot of these essential oils available in the market are readily usable and add more volume, strength and turn hair beautiful and radiant.

Essential Oils and Hair Types

It is not just hair styles that make each hair strand from one person different from that of another. There are also hair types that make one person's hair different from another person.

Dry Hair

The best essential oil that can help prevent hair from drying and causing brittleness and dandruff would be chamomile oil. The properties of chamomile oil helps to refresh the scalp and keep it moisturized.

It is also known to soothe the scalp and prevent dandruff formation. Some even value the chamomile oil to be a good solution for hair lice, and is used in many anti-lice commercial shampoo brands.

Oily Hair

Lemon essential oil is the common solution used on oily hair. The essence is directly derived from the lemon peels and are processed in order to get the finest oils.

Aside from addressing oil hair the lemon oil extracts are also helpful for dandruff prevention. It may also be used for very dry hair and lice elimination.

Hair Loss

Those who suffer from too much hair fall and a lot of hair loss can rely on the extracts from lavender. The fresh and sweet smelling lavender oils can help prevent hair loss and treat too much hair fall.

Lavender is also known to remedy alopecia and has been studied to improve hair growth after a 7 month treatment.

Essential oils are not just aromatherapy products, these are also very good ingredients that help improve the condition of hair and turn it silky smooth and beautiful.

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