Posted on by Matthew Balzer

When it comes to taking care of the skin and being able to address all the concerns regarding healthier skin conditions, the market seems to be a stressful place to visit especially since there are literally thousands of products out there that claim to work best for the skin but not really require what people are searching for personally.

As it is not many people know that there are different skin types that are all in need of better skin care but all have different needs and specifications when it comes to the products that are best for each type, which makes essential oils great natural substances for skin care because all are known to cater for all skin types.

;Lavender Essential Oil

All skin types will be able to enjoy using the sweet smelling lavender essential oil as it is very helpful in keeping healthier skin cells as it is able to increase regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

Through regularly applying lavender essential oil to the skin it is able to help in keeping the skin appear tighter and smoother, making the skin appear young looking, plus it also helps to reduce the appearance of scars and other spots and uneven colors and areas of the skin.

;Frankincense Essential Oil

Those who are looking to stay away from pimples and other related pigmentations that are really very irritating and difficult to deal with, the regular use of frankincense essential oil is a suitable way to deal with these skin troubles.

Frankincense acts as a toner and when applied to the skin can help to eradicate the germs and bacteria that cause the formation of acne and other skin related conditions plus it also acts to help the skin cells through reducing the appearance of scars.

;Myrrh Essential Oil

When skin aging is of great concern, seeking the help of myrrh essential oil is an excellent choice since it is able to benefit the skin as it ages helping to reduce the signs and lines of the skin like wrinkles and age spots.

In addition to this myrrh is also very helpful to the skin in terms of helping it to heal faster especially when it comes to conditions like dryness or chapping, rashes as well as conditions related to sun damage like burns, plus in addition to this myrrh essential oil is also a known anti-inflammatory and can aid to reduce the appearance of inflamed skin.