Fun Facts about Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils have been known to do a lot of wonders in the world of health, medicine, beauty and aromatherapy. One of the most popular essential oils that is being widely used around world is Lavender essential oil. This oil is usually seen in many households of today because of its numerous uses and health benefits.

Facts and History

    • The name Lavender is derived from the word Lavare which means to wash. It was called Lavender nardus or more often known as Nard by the ancient Greeks after the Syrian city Naarda. Lavender is also known as spikenard in India. The word spikenard has been cited many times in the Bible both in Old and New Testament.

    • Lavender essential oil is obtained from sun-dried flowers of certain kinds of lavender plant through the process of distillation.

    • In Ancient Egypyt, lavender was used for embalming, mummification and in cosmetics.

    • It was used in Ancient times to tame lions and tigers.

    • Because of its fresh, fragrant smell Ancient Greeks and Romans loved to put lavender on their bathwater, bed and linens. Romans are also the ones who discovered its medicinal properties.

Some Known Uses and Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

    • Lavender essential oil is known to reduce emotional stress and anxiety.

    • It can help heal minor wounds, sores and burns.

    • It can soothe motion sickness, headaches and migraines.

    • It can help in inducing sleep and proven to be very effective in helping patients with insomia.

    • It can soothe sunburn, chafed or irritated skin.

    • It is used for treatment of various respiratory problems like bronchitis, coughs and colds.

    • It can be used as treatment for lice.

    • It can soothe indigestion and colic.

    • It can be used as astringent for cleaning the face and treating acne.

    • It can be used as a dandruff treatment.

    • It can be used as treatment for eczema and dermatitis.

    • It can be used as treatment for insect bites.

    • It can alleviate menstrual cramps.

    • It is a very good alternative for colognes and perfumes because it is chemical free.

    • It is a very effective insect repellant.

Lavender oil is truly a remarkable type of essential oil because of its multiple uses and benefits. It is no wonder why people around the globe are so much fond of this amazing essential oil. So whether you have a health or beauty concern, have a lavender essential handy in your household to help you with your problem.


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