Posted on by Matthew Balzer

With today's advancement in science and technology it gets harder and harder to differentiate what's safe and not. Almost every product in the market contains chemicals that we are not aware of and eventually harm our body. One perfect example is the soaps we use right now. Whenever we go to the grocery stores, we find a plethora of soaps that promise to give us healthy glowing skin or helps get rid of pimples. Although some of them may work, but still it contains chemicals that may strip off the natural oil of our skin. Check out below which skin type you belong and learn which essential oils should be on your soap.

Dry Skin

Dry skin makes our skin look mature and wrinkly. If you have this type of skin, it is best to look for soaps or body wash that contains oils from Rosewood, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Lavender and Jasmine. These essential oils will not only give you moisture rich skin but will also make you smell fresh and good all day long.

Acne Prone Skin

If you have tried almost every facial wash and ointment for your face but still suffer from acne, then maybe it is time you try using essential oils. Tea Tree oil has been known to treat pimples for a long time now. It has bacteria killing properties that will help stop pimples from developing. Next time you buy your facial wash make sure to check if it contains any of these other essential oils: Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Thyme and Clove Bud. These oils are known to help fight bacteria causing pimples.

Oily Skin

If there's dry skin there's also oily skin, which is also prone to blemishes and pimples. Tea Tree, Thyme, Carrot Seed, Sweet Fennel, Palmarosa, Geranium and Bergamot are the essential oils that should be on your skin care product. These oils have properties that can control the production of oil on your face. Now you can stop wiping your face with oil control films every minute when you use soap that contains those oils.

If we want to have great skin we can always opt for organic skin care products that contains natural essential oils. Organic products may be a little expensive than ordinary soaps but we can be sure that it doesn't contain chemicals.Essential oils have been widely used to create skin care products for different skin types. You just need to find out which oils suit your skin condition.