The Founder of Nature’s Own Essence was a Road Warrior for 25 years. Spending over 200 days away from home every year, living in hotels, eating whatever whenever he could, while working excessive hours. Arriving home after these trips he found himself stressed out, burned out, irritable and unable to unwind. Struggling to create balance even during his down time, he vowed after yet another road trip to find something to help in homeopathic healing. The company’s commitment to researching and providing superior products was born.

5BOTTLES-LAVENDER420x300Nature’s Own Essence is committed to helping people thrive under the increasingly challenging and stressful circumstances of modern day life. We are continually doing research, searching for new ways to provide people tranquility and peace of mind in line with Nature’s Own Essence; with our repertoire of pure unadulterated essential oils we extend nature’s gifts to you.